Our friends’ referral

Our friends, Charlie and Deirdre in York, received their referral on Friday!!! She was born in February 2005 and they can’t wait to go meet her. Of course, we can’t wait to get together as everyone’s adjusted so we can meet her too. Isn’t she a cutie!
We met Charlie and Deirdre through our home study social worker over a year ago. We were on the same time line, but we were a little delayed in the paperchase, so now they are a bit ahead of us with an LID in August. We’re so happy for them. Although the wait seems like it is never-ending, seeing them get their referral shows us we will too.
Congratulations Mom and Dad!!!

4 Responses

  1. She IS adorable! It’s getting exciting now! I’m going to have a niece!!!!

  2. Yeah, she’s a cutie all right! I love her bright eyes. I do hope you know, Sheila, that around her Aunt is pronounced like the bug. I remember how appalling that was to you New Englanders. Of course, I thought you all sounded so snobbie. So, can you take being a buggie Aunt?

  3. Around “here” I mean.

  4. There is something very exciting about your post! For the first time I get the feeling that you are really getting close to the end (or the beginning). I hope things continue to stay on track. Whether she says aUnt, or Ant, she will be welcome addition to the insanity of family gatherings.

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