Yesterday ~ referrals, fingerprints, & a rug

The newest referrals are out and we’re hoping to hear from some friends in York that they have pictures and information about their little girl! According to this site, our referral date will be some time around March 12, 2007. That’s less than 6 months. Oh my gosh!!! Holy Toledo, Ohio!!! Could it be? Could we have broken the 6 to 8 month barrier? Since we’ve been forever waiting for 6 to 8 months, I have this idea (based on nothing rational) that the kidlet’s birthday will be June 8, 2006 (6-8-2006 ~ 2 + 0 + 0 + 6 = 8). With a March referral that would make her 8 months old at referral.

Our day went well. We had no wait at the prison for fingerprinting and mine went very well. The Husband reminded me that last time they had just gotten the new digital equipment. Maybe now they are just better with it. Anyway, I don’t think they’ll call me back. Yea!

Next, we went rug shopping. About 2 months ago, we bought this horrible rug that has been coming apart ever since. It filled up the vacuum cleaner every time we used it and still looked terrible the next day! We’re returning it on Saturday. Yesterday we went to a rug place and bought a “semi-antique” rug from Iran. Semi-antique means it is 40-60 years old, but it’s in great shape and pretty neat. We’ve been checking it out and finding little animals ~ camels, chickens, a goose or a swan, and who knows what else? It’s a hoot! I never expected to be returning a new rug for an old one, but the other is junk and this is just cool! We can make up stories about it for years. I like thinking about where it’s been. The salesman suspects it’s been in storage or a room with little traffic because it’s in such good condition. I’d like to make up a more exciting story. Any thoughts?

Anyway, we had a nice day. We only worked until noon. Then we went out to lunch and for our fingerprints. Next, rug shopping and finally home to read about the referrals and hang out in our living room, which is improving daily. On Saturday we’re picking up new chairs. I’ll take pictures then and post for ya.


2 Responses

  1. Even though it stinks that you have to get them redone, I’m sure that it felt somewhat good to know that yet another milestone is going by and you are that much closer to your baby. I know how you feel about time not progressing- ever since we have been logged in, the wait has stayed about 8-9 months out as well.

    Looking forward to seeing pictures of this rug and the redone living room~

  2. I hate the idea that you have always been on the 6-8 month watch. That is a long time but now in perspective, it is so close.

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