Blogger help wanted

I see so many of you other Bloggers doing it… how do you make your links look so nice? You know, mine have the whole link showing. For example, here’s a link to the Chinese school that we go to: But when ya’ll do it (no, I’m not from the South, but I like the way it sounds) you make look like this… Here’s a link to our Chinese school. Only this is really a link, not just hopeful underlining. Can someone please help me out? Leave a comment or email me. Thanks!!!


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  1. Go to my blog, offer some $ to heather (digging a hole to china) and she will hook you up. She really is good at these things.

  2. her link is at the bottom right of my blog.

  3. I the box where you create your post, type the word use want to use to link, then hi-light it. Then click on the icon on the upper toolbar; it’s a world with a chain link on it. The box will pop up and allow you to inter your hyperlink address. Hit okay.

  4. wow- I was doing a different more difficult way! thanks holly!

  5. I am hoping this works…
    (cut and paste the following from < until the end /> and change the text with what it’s telling you should go there. GOOD LUCK!


  6. ok, it didn’t work in comments, EMAIL ME ( and I’ll show you what it is you need to do, it’s so very simple!


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